August 25, 2020

LA County Roofing Experts Explain When Should I Replace My Rain Gutters?

Southern California roofing rain gutter experts share the eight essential signs that your house is in need of a rain gutter replacement.

Los Angeles, CA — Rain gutters are an essential part of maintaining the curb appeal and structural soundness of your house. Even though they’re not always required by California building codes, high-quality rain gutters prevent serious issues including exterior staining and damage, cracked foundations, flooding, and mold growth, among others. 

Southern California roofing rain gutter experts share the eight essential signs that your house is in need of a rain gutter replacement. 

8 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Rain Gutters 

  1. Gaps or separations. Rain guttering functions as a continuous system, and must remain fastened together. Sections of your guttering may occasionally separate under harsh conditions, but if it becomes a persistent problem, it may be time for a gutter replacement. 
  2. Sagging gutters. Similarly, if your gutters are sagging, pulling away from the house, or don’t remain properly pitched, the effectiveness of the guttering system is compromised. This may indicate that the system isn’t the right fit for your home.
  3. Screws or nails lying on the ground. Nails and screws that keep sections of your gutters attached to the fascia of your roof may come loose. If your gutters can’t stay attached to your fascia (the board that supports the lower edge of the roof), both may need to be replaced. 
  4. Cracks and fractures. Occasional cracks and fractures can be repaired, but if you are frequently finding many visible cracks, this is an indication that your rain gutters are old and in need of replacement. 
  5. Standing or overflowing water. Standing or overflowing water may be due to a blockage, which can be fixed without professional help. However, if your gutters are continually full of water, it may be an indication that the gutter system you have in place is not the correct fit for your building or your area’s rainfall patterns.
  6. Peeling paint and water marks. If there is paint peeling on the sides of your house, it may be an early sign of water damage. If your rain guttering systems are working correctly, the side of the building should be protected from excessive moisture. 
  7. Rust or other oxidation. Metal gutters may develop rust, or other oxidation, if they are old or are not the correct type of gutter for the amount of rainfall you’re getting. If your gutters are made of steel, look out for red rust. It is best to replace rusted sections of your gutter before they crumble, but rust may be an indication that it’s time to replace the entire system.
  8. Water collecting around the foundation. It is important to watch out for water collecting around your foundations, because avoidable repairs to the foundation are time-consuming and costly. Keep an eye out for other signs of moisture near the foundation of the building, such as mildew.

Highly Ranked Southern California Rain Gutter Installation Lasts a Lifetime 

With proper installation and the right fit for your home and rainfall patterns, your rain gutters can last 20 years or longer, depending on the material. For this reason, it’s important to invest in high-quality materials from a reputable rain gutter expert, who can advise you as to what materials will best suit your unique needs. 

The roofing Rain Gutter Specialists serve LA county covering Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Fernando Valley areas with a wide range of high quality, innovative rain guttering solutions and over two decades of combined experience. For a free Southern California rain gutter consultation, contact us today. 

For a free Southern California rain gutter consultation, contact us today. 

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